Back to pressing words!

The one with with the comeback.


Wow. It’s been a long time. Really long. Last time I logged into WordPress I had to send a smoke signal to the servers. The server sent me a pigeon and being the Neanderthal I was, I wrote my posts on stones and erected the pillars on the ground. True story. Look it up.

    This is an actual selfie of me and my friends

Seriously though, I was busy with college and stuff. I (re)discovered Quora in the last few months. There is something about that site that drew me in. Maybe it is the instant feedback and quick response to your content. Whatever it was, I decided to keep the blog off for a few months and switch to Quora instead. I logged into WordPress exactly twice. Replied to a few comments and left. Never looked beyond the notification area.

But something happened yesterday. I clicked on one of the email forwards from the Daily Post. Looked around and landed on Today’s Prompt. Vanish. Now I’ve never written or responded to the Daily’s Post’s prompts. I’ve participated in two of Blogging U classes but prompts is something I never could wrap my mind around. But this prompt felt different. It was like the site was scolding me about the absence.

When I decided to start posting again I realized I was kinda running away from it. Writing a post of 3 paragraphs requires a disciplined mind.  You need to be attentive. You need to be original. Even if you write total shit, that shit needs to be put into words. And that, putting things into words was one thing I felt awkward doing again. When you actually start writing things, you type them just as you think. Then you realize it sounds weird or corny. You try to embellish the sentences. It works too; temporarily. But it feels like swimming with a floater. The instant the funny joke sentence ends you are back to producing your own words, which gets a little bit harder each time you do it.

I noticed myself erasing paragraphs just to rewrite them again with a minor change. Churning out a wall of text is like your mind doing a workout. Producing original content from a single word feels like an insurmountable wall, and yet, if you pull it off, nothing matches the rewarding feeling you get. Glad to be doing that again. Happy to get back. Proud of not staying vanished anymore.

Inspired by the prompt Vanish

Here’s why Marvel is not splitting Infinity War


Today Marvel Studios announced that they are not releasing Infinity War in two parts as originally intended. While you may feel that they are messing with the working formula, it actually kinda makes sense.

Splitting is never a good idea. Honestly the only ‘news’ here is why they took so long to cancel the split.

The Infinity War and Thanos was the only thing all the MCU movies have been building up to. This is literally the flagship of the cinematic universe. There is no solid plan, yet, for a future beyond the gauntlet saga. Marvel knows this and if history has proven anything it is that they know the recipe to make highly successful movies. So why this change? My best guesses are

  • Two part movies are notorious. Nobody likes two parters. People know the first one is only setting up the ground with no main action and the second one is basically the last fight. It comes months after the story has started and cannot maintain the grip.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a great example.


  • They realized that the actual movie spanning over four hours and then chopped in two won’t make sense. They will probably make the one following IW the direct sequel, as in Thanos will not be actually defeated but only introduced. He is not a disposable one movie villain. We can expect something along the lines of Infinity Battle where all the newer characters like Dr Strange and Ms. Marvel will be sufficiently well-known (after their own solo movies) and not appear like rushed cutouts in a desperate attempt to introduce a roster of newer characters


  • Justice League Part 1. Thanos is a direct ripoff of Darkseid. Marvel was at the top of the charts until now but we know how close they were to being toppled. BvS was a direct competitor to Civil War. It did not work they wish it did, but if the new DC trailers have shown us anything it is that DC has finally figured out how to make a crowd pleaser like Marvel. Suicide Squad looks promising. And, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash are arguably more popular than cinematic Avengers. JL1 with Darkseid vs IW1 with Thanos. Not exactly a fair fight. Marvel knows that if they finish second they will not get the chance to get ahead. ( This is the most likely reason)


Short version, they know DC will not fail once again when they clash with a similar movie. DCU will be fairly established by then with fan favorite characters, movies that stay close to the comics in terms of visuals, costumes and the tone. A monopoly is never good. Too many MCU films would saturate the market and make way for the newer, hip DC. They are smart enough not to take that chance.

What do you think?

Originally written as a Quora answer.

Stop blaming social networks for your failures

The one about burning down houses


saw many people make new year resolutions that they were going to delete their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts as the said sites were wasting their valuable time. WhatsApp pings were like the Sirens calling out to their inner Odysseus. According to them they could’ve had been more ‘successful’ or ‘productive’ or whatever if they had not wasted their time flicking through duckfaces. Continue reading “Stop blaming social networks for your failures”