Richard Brook: The Good Old Fashioned Villain

   There has been a lot of discussion on this topic.Enough for creating two good healthy books. You may say “So what?We already know that Rugwed Soman!” Well, I am going to add a few more pages to them now.The time period in which Sherlock is set is 2009+ .The digital age.The age where John Watson can look up Sherlock on the Internet.The age where once you post something online;it never really disappears.Having said that,here we go…….————————————————————————————————————
There are subtle hints hidden everywhere.Right from the first season.Remember the puzzle from The Great Game?Note that when the bomber calls Sherlock the second time,when Sherlock is in Scotland Yard…Sherlock:Who are you?What’s that noise?

Bomber:Its the sounds of life Sherlock.But don’t worry.I can soon fix that.

Funnily enough,nobody notices that the bomber didn’t actually answer the first question.WHO ARE YOU?
Later on,during the Ian Monkford abandoned car puzzle,  the bomber drops a clue “The clue’s in the name. Janus Cars” This sounds simple.The car company arranges for the customers loose threads too.Even then,Sherlock has more than enough time to solve the case.It wouldn’t take exactly the brains of a rocket scientist to guess the name Janus Cars sounds fishy.Even “ordinary” John cracks it merely seconds after Sherlock speaks it aloud. Janus :The two faced god.So why then,did the bomber who thinks so highly of Sherlock to give him nearly-impossible puzzles,give a clue so commonplace?He did it because the clue wasn’t for the Monkford case.It was for Sherlock’s initial question.WHO ARE YOU?

The bomber is the two-faced god.The person who roams around as Richard Brook,the actor and moonlights as James Moriarty,the consultant criminal. James Moriarty is Richard’s a totally fictitious alter-ego.No document,no certificate exists which can identify James;because he doesn’t exist in the first place.Thats why he is so adept at being untraceable in the age where a simple Google search result yields loads of information.Even the databases of Scotland Yard cannot find an entry about a non-existent person.Now that’s neat.Future criminal masterminds,pay attention.

Now,what does Richard Brook do when he is not in villain mode?He is a kids story teller.He mentions it himself in Kitty Riley’s apartment. Accepting this fact to be clear,everything else can be determined logically.He is a man who tells kids stories,fairy tales.A person who does this is bound to become accustomed,a prisoner of his own habit.His funny childish entry at the end of S01 suddenly starts making sense.

Take a look at Richard’s CV which is shown in Kitty’s apartment.

Of course,you may say that for a super criminal,making fake news stories is piece of cake. Now,look at his About Me.”Rich is a part of………..the long running BBC1 show…” There!! This Curriculum Vitae is bound to be published in the papers with Kitty’s big expose.Now,place yourselves in the shoes of Sherlock fans living in England at that time.Suddenly,here comes an article defaming your living God! What do you do? You research it thoroughly.Desperately looking for a missing link to save Sherlock.But no.Sherlock gets defamed eventually.That means the CV was accurate.That means the part indicating work in BBC1 is true.Nobody can fake working in BBC.It would be detected within seconds.Especially if you are living in London,the very heart of the British nation.So Rich Brook IS real.Notice how effortlessly and convincingly he narrates the story of Sir Boast-A-Lot?His smirk while he says “Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain”? This indicates two things.The man may be an actual story teller,or he may be suffering from some serious brain damage. The former seems highly likely to me.

Rich had given Sherlock a clue to his identity right in 2009.He obviously wants to keep Sherlock from discovering the truth.So what does he do?.He plants the ever-famous I.O.U. It is nothing sinister.It perfectly means I owe you. But he presents it in such a manner that we(including Sherlock) are forced to assume that it is a code.The rooftop scene…..Rich taunts Sherlock by saying “Did you almost start to wonder if I was real?Did I nearly get ya!” This isn’t taunting.Its a double bluff as Jeff Hope says in A Study In Pink.

Sherlock:I can use it to alter the records! I can kill Rich Brook,and bring back Jim Moriarty!

This is when the smooth-talking villain loses his cool.He actually says”No,this is too easy! Too easy!”He fears that,after-all Sherlock may have guessed the truth!He may know know about the fake records!I strongly believe that he has people set-up to create fake records with the name “Moriarty”.He intends to use them if Sherlock tries to kill him.He plans to fake his death(which we know,he has done) Ditch the identity of Richard Brook;and continue to live as James Moriarty after coming back.So what does he do? He goes all Spartan on Sherlock by shouting and deftly changes the subject by mentioning his robberies.After that,he hastily rushes to the edge,intending to bring their interview to an end.
As the icing on the cake,we are provided with another tease.Mrs Hudson brings the package to Sherlock and says it had a funny German name…like the fairy tales. Can anybody think of a funny German name from fairy tales? No? RUMPELSTILTSKIN.What’s so special about him? He is a good old fashioned villain from the fairy tales too. Oh,and he asks wizards to guess his name?{Rich Brook alert!}

So,now when Sherlock 4 arrives;it will come with Rich again.Remember Sherlock’s words,I can kill Rich Brook and bring back Jim Moriarty.Sherlock already has killed Rich Brook on the rooftop.He may not have killed the person.But he has effectively destroyed the identity of the villain as Richard Brook.The whole world knows now that the man was indeed James Moriarty (the reporters when Lestrade and Anderson drink coffee at the beginning of The Empty Hearse).Now when he comes back,he has to arrive as Jim Moriarty.Sherlock’s words came true.

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Author: Rugwed

When Rugwed Soman isn't trying to create a kickass third person bio for himself, he is busy writing stuff, reading stuff, taking photos, dominating the world in video games and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes; not necessarily in that order.

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