Back in Action

Boom!7 days.That was all,one of the rarest sips of water an engineering student can get while running and juggling the semester show.It makes one value the importance of holidays.Gone are the good old school days when Diwali vacations meant a month of free time,ignoring all holiday homework,and mass bunking the first day of school reopening despite the compulsion.Now these vacations mean,uhh..submission,submission..sleep..and more submission.

Lets drop that though.In these days,TV is the only free time a guy gets at the end of the day;provided,the time slot is after 10 pm,because,submissions(damn!). Few good channels like Z Café with a few good shows like The Good Wife make up that otherwise grim period.The Good Wife ended its season 5 here.Season 6 is out in the US with no hints about release in India.To torrent or to to wait for the airing-that is the question.Z Café would should get that.They usually stand by their word,kinda like Sony with software upgrades.Desperate Housewives has replaced its empty slot.Now that is a good show too.We need more of these!In fact we only have a handful of channels for English shows.Our generation is the only viewers they get.

Changing the topic randomly and completely,on the occasion of crossing the 198 words limit which I just made up in order to type my longest sentence ever,(this one) lets speak about something else.Exams approach as the days roll by.Have to go now,TV time.This post sounds like 2 paragraphs of totally unrelated sentences. (-_-) Will fix it when time permits.

Author: Rugwed

When Rugwed Soman isn't trying to create a kickass third person bio for himself, he is busy writing stuff, reading stuff, taking photos, dominating the world in video games and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes; not necessarily in that order.

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