“Give me 4…I’ll give you a five.”

The title..well,that’s a story actually.Funny or not;depends on the reader.You see,I study here:

I live about 20 kilometers away from the college.I won’t tell where though,in case you decide to carpet bomb my humble existence.Anyways,the thing is I get there daily by bus.The ticket is about 19 Rs.Now,about 60-70 students take buses daily to the college.Keeping this in mind,imagine the conductor handing out 70 rupees in 1 Re coins along with the tickets.Cannot imagine?Don’t worry because it doesn’t ever happen.You give 20 Rs to the guy,he hands you the ticket worth 19 Rs and keeps the change as sort of entry fee like bus bartender serving ticket on the rocks.Ask for change,and get stared like you told him to hand over his right kidney.Hence,these conductors pocket almost 70 Rs daily.

Yesterday was one of those days,it was an evening bus,around 6:30.The crowd was literally seconds away from a full scale riot.The bus was already late and the conductor refused to take more than 13.Hearing this,everybody on the bus-stop went all guerrilla on him,and in 4 minutes about 36 people got into the space designed for 13.I,myself was positioned very very awkwardly between two girls,who were always laughing and clapping every 5 minutes.A pothole rocked the bus and sent me into another group of girls,even more dumber.The conductor came,gave me the ticket and took his cut.I called after him and demanded the rupee.”Sorry”,he says, “all I have is a 2 Rs coin.” At this point one of the girls gave him another 2.Someone else gave him a coin of five.Seeing this I demanded the change again.He refused again.I pointed it out to him that he can give me the five in exchange of 4.He grudgingly agreed and gave up.Now this does not seem that big.All I did was get back the lowest possible figure my currency has to offer.It wasn’t the money which mattered.It was simply the feeling of getting it back.It was a hero moment.It was an extremely epic moment.

It was...
It was…

Author: Rugwed

When Rugwed Soman isn't trying to create a kickass third person bio for himself, he is busy writing stuff, reading stuff, taking photos, dominating the world in video games and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes; not necessarily in that order.

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