Where Can They Get Me?

We had a self-improvisation lecture in college last week.The presenter asked us whether we had decided what we would do ten down the line. Of course we had.Then he asked us do you know what are your strong points? Do you know where you are unbeatable? Of course we did. Then he asked us to make a chart and jot them down.It took around 5 minutes in all for the whole class to complete that.

Then he told us to write down our weak points right next to them in a second column.I picked up the pen and began writing them down.I first started with the chosen stereotypical ones- ‘lazy,procrastinating….’ .But they weren’t exactly my weak points.In fact,I just wrote that because I couldn’t write a single one.Not because I don’t have them;because I don’t know them.I never really gave it a thought.And I’m sure most of us haven’t either.Why is it so? Are we too proud? I feel the real reason is our mind simply cannot stand a secondary position.It longs for the first place.No compromise.We all want to climb to top of our respective ladders,but we don’t want to think about which rung is impossible for us pass.We are so obsessed with excelling at something that we can’t even imagine us failing it. You see,weakness isn’t a sign of defeat. It is a sign of needed improvement. It is a sign indicating work in progress. If we really don’t know where we fall short,how can we imagine to get to the top?

But again, I speak for myself. Many of you may not be so uptight as me. Maybe you can fill up that second column. But there are always some of us who can’t. And there are also a few who rather excel at the second column.More than enough.They are so critical of themselves that they simply do not see themselves as doing something positive,constructive even by accident. That is unacceptable too. What we really need is a balanced number of points where we can go at the back foot. Knowing what you can’t do is the only way of ensuring you actually are able to do it. Self-criticism, constructive destruction,these are the bitter pills we ought to take if we are to digest the sweet meal of success.

Author: Rugwed

When Rugwed Soman isn't trying to create a kickass third person bio for himself, he is busy writing stuff, reading stuff, taking photos, dominating the world in video games and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes; not necessarily in that order.

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