How I Met Everyone Else


No. This is not about the episode . Coming to think of it,it actually is. How I Met Your Mother is a show that established itself as the gold standard of friendship. A tribute to everything that stands between true friends.

Their moments of joy; and sorrow. All the highs and lows. It showed the world that friendship is the ultimate unsinkable vessel. Fuck the Titanic. I have a group of friends too. And though we don’t crash proms,or pickup chicks,or spend the nights at our favorite bar (which would be the last thing we would do in our mortal lives since we live in India,and you know are 18). We like to imagine ourselves in the shoes of Ted,Marshall,Robin,Lily and Barney.

The Cast:


I met this guy, or to be more accurate,interacted with him in Standard 4 (Its like Grade 4 but with no grades) . Back then, he was this kid who has the strongest Tupperware lunch box where others have steel utensils:commando style.He wouldn’t give a shit about you if you hadn’t combed your hair the perfect way. He wouldn’t even look at the boys who had puny Lexi ballpoint pens. Not when he was shoving his gel filled pen in their faces though. Having a gel pen in the very year you were officially allowed to use pens in school was like winning the Olympic marathon with a jetpack. His notebooks were always of the latest Navneet wildlife covers. He was Demi Lovato from the Princess Protection Program. He had a group of friends which I shall call ultimates now. I managed to break into that circle one day. To this day,I give the credit to the spinach I ate while watching Popeye. We became friends from that day. I changed school and came back later in Std 6 . It was now when we really fraternized. Dan Brown, Harry Potter,…. we kept finding common ground on and on. We like to think of him as Ted because he really thinks there are things like destiny and THE girl . He is a civil engineering student who for argument’s sake will be assumed to be the same as an architect. He is a moral anchor. And last but not the least, the most important thing about his personality.


He survived a blow to the hornet’s nest. The details of the actual incident are not available but we strongly believe it had something to do with him driving his bike through potholes in a standing position.


I met Indrajeet,or Indya as we call him, in Standard 1. He was a total dick. We had three divisions of class. 1A , 1B, 1C. This wasn’t done according to merit or anything.Our teachers randomly threw anyone at any class. I ended up in 1C where I formed a group of all the boys in our class. The problem was: I was Ned Stark and Gandhi all at the same time. Someone punches you? Give them the chance to break your teeth,invite them for a formal duel. This may sound cool but it toatally wasn’t considering we were 7 years old. Indya, meanwhile,was in 1B. and like any normal 7 year old, he had a gang of his own. A proper functioning one,mind you. We faced off during the recess. They came at us like Johnny Tran’s gang. It wasn’t a fight or a war. Hey, I went in alone. He Sonic dashed me twice and kicked my ass. After that, we weren’t in the same class till Standard 6(again). Here, much like Saurabh, we became friends. He is the Marshall of our group. The reasons for his Marshalling are: He is a badass at sports. He has an older brother equally trained in the art of badassery. He studies Law. He is the one who always provides a totally different view in our every discussion. He is the calmest one in our group but we strongly think he turns into a superhuman football player kicking balls into nothingness. We never piss him off.



I met her in Standard 1 C. She was another me. Always top of the class. I never managed to beat her. Not even once. She had this thing where she the leader of all the girls. We had a healthy competition. She was my bench partner for a few weeks. We were classmates for a couple of years and then suddenly went different ways. Never had her in my class till Standard 10. Now, she is the Robin of our group because she is smart. She can take her own decisions. She isn’t afraid of going up against anyone if they hurt her friends. She also does anchoring when is not busy being a poet. See? Anchoring and a side of music! Anam, you really are Robin!



I never actually met her until (again?!) Standard 6. Before then she was something of an academic legend. She was God’s way of saying, ‘There is somebody in this universe who is more smarter than you, And by the universe , I mean the room next door.’ She was the impossibly huge Flappy Bird highscore you can never beat. Drawing teacher says your strokes are nice? This girl has already created a Picasso. She is the Lily of our team. We think it fits her perfectly because she is different. She is the smartest. She is a tie-breaker. She is an artist. She can scissor her way into awesomeness with a help of a cardpaper and an art called quilling which was clearly invented by ninjas who got bored. Oh, and she is the shortest!



Lets start by saying I’m awesome. I am not a ladies man, although who knows what might happen. I haven’t had my Suit Up epiphany yet. But I always make the joke that cracks. I worship shirts and believe them to be the armor of awesome.(Not suits:It would be severely uncomfortable to wear a suit to school..or anywhere in a country which temperatures above 30 C. ) I always end up pairing with Saurabh in any of our group chats .


I have a blog that none of my friends read. My home is the farthest from everyone else who live pretty close to each other. I have a massive catalog of films. I am hardcore Star Wars. I always root for the bad guy in any movie. Anything more? Hit the About Me button on top!


Author: Rugwed

When Rugwed Soman isn't trying to create a kickass third person bio for himself, he is busy writing stuff, reading stuff, taking photos, dominating the world in video games and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes; not necessarily in that order.

6 thoughts on “How I Met Everyone Else”

    1. You are one the very Actually,I was making a point about Barney and me and how nobody reads his blog as well.

  1. Few corrections are necessary.
    First of all, It is not at all true that none of your friends read your blog, don’t know about others, but I have read every single one, right from Inferno’s review, to Richard Brook : The Good Old-fashioned Villain, to this post.
    Secondly, I am not the shortest. Anam and I have checked it, a lot of times along with Saurabh. And the truth is, he is the shortest in our group.
    And lastly, well, you’ve got it wrong. You are the smartass in this group. No one, can beat you, definitely not me. You’re Sherlock Holmes 😉 ( Don’t piss off because I’m turning from HIMYM to Sherlock, I can’t help it!)
    But the bottom line is, I loved this post. ❤

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