As Captain America: Civil War approaches, which team are you on? TeamCap or TeamStark? Why?

The one with superheroes


I answered this question on Quora. And apparently I did it like a rockstar. So naturally I just had to show it to you guys. Here you go.

Captain-America-Civil-War-TeamsAnswer by Rugwed Soman:

This is simply the right team to root for. Note that I say the ‘right team’. I don’t necessarily mean Iron Man’s logic is entirely flawed. Both sides have some very good points. You know any kind of forced registration is bad. Therefore your heart is with Cap. You also know that letting the Hulk and Thor loose on the streets isn’t a good choice. Your head says Iron Man is correct.
Now back to the answer.

Iron Man is supposed to be the voice of logic in this argument. He is a government loyalist, Let us go  back to Iron Man 2. Tony Stark’s hearing. This is for exact same reason. He is a potential threat to the nation’s security. What does he do then? He proceeds to hack the TVs there (yes the TVs, beacuse he is “Iron Man” ) to show Hammer’s weapon trials. Then he says ” America is secure. You want my property? You can’t have it! But I did you a big favour. I have successfully privatized world peace. What more do you want?” Then he points at the Senator and says “I tried to play ball with these ass clowns.”

Geddit? Tony Stark is an arrogant cynic. It is easy to spit in people’s faces, challenge terrorists on live television when you have a bulletproof suit that can shoot missiles from your ass when you are too busy flying and killing other things with some more missiles. Tony Stark in the movies is the personification of ‘ in your face government! ‘ So when he just decides to back the hunt for Cap it just doesn’t make any sense.
Look, getting registered and revealing identity might not be a big deal for a guy that gets his mansion fucking invaded by terrorists and still manages to shake it. But what about other heroes? What would Peter Parker do if Electro decides to fry Aunt May when Spidey is chasing Venom? Remember the scene in Sam Raimi’s first movie where the Green Goblin attacks Aunt May when he suspects Peter Parker of being Spider-Man?
Captain America knows the value of strength. The importance of decentralization of power. The danger of being controlled by bureaucracy. He is a WW2 soldier. The Nazis were his natural enemies. So, when there is a threat to humanity Cap knows his shit. He has experienced double crossing in his Snowden-esque outing in The Winter Solider. He knows when too much power lies in the hands of something volatile and corruptible as the government, bad things are going to happen. He puts himself on the line.
He can’t afford a home in Brooklyn on his superhero salary. You call this a dangerous vigalante? Superheroes aren’t just ordinary soliders. Hawkeye? Maybe. But if the government deploys someone like the Scarlet Witch in war would it be ethical? Won’t the World War 3 take place far sooner? Heroes would just go Sokovia on each other everytime the government orders a strike. Hawkeye has a family. He has had his share of being a killer. Black Widow doesn’t really have any attachments. At the end of the day she is just a mercenary.  That is why they split teams. A fight between these two would be fun, if it happens , as Dan the man notes in his answer.
Bottomline is if you are going to make teams based on the fact that who is a greater threat to humanity when unchecked and are going to trust Iron Man I will laugh at you.
(The trailer suggests that Cap is guilty of supporting Bucky, a mass murderer. Now this is a fair accusation that muddies the waters.) But I’ll always choose Captain America. I would even watch him eat lunch. With a bag of popcorns.

As Captain America: Civil War approaches, which team are you on? TeamCap or TeamStark? Why?


Author: Rugwed

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