Inferno : Worth the Wait?

After a long wait of 5 years, eager fans of Dan Brown welcome the author’s latest installment in the Robert Langdon saga.But is it worth the wait?

            With the enormous success of the previous Robert Langdon books (viz Angels & Demons,The Da Vinci Code,The Lost Symbol),Langdon has developed a huge fanbase among the minds of admirers and critics alike.Inferno is the latest incarnation of our Harvard symbologist. Since the release of The Lost Symbol in 2009,speculations rose about the next novel,was it going to be based upon Da Vinci’s hidden artwork in Florence?Dante Alighieri’s poem “The Divine Comedy”.Inferno starts as expected,placing the hugely excited reader in the middle of nowhere,eager to explore every teeny bit along with their hero.This time Langdon has lost his memory,he awakes in a Florence hospital,presumably injured by a gunshot wound from a mysterious assailant. The lady in this installment is Dr.Sienna Brooks,the gal with IQ higher than Einstein 🙂 We are introduced to the concept of trans-humanism,the effects of overpopulation,and the resulting hell as visualized by Dante in the 13th century
        It starts with a promising bang,however,Inferno somewhat lacks the furious pace,thrills,secrets jumping out of every page like the earlier books.Dan Brown uses the same old formula of limited time,mad scientist on a deluded quest,a beautiful female companion, and last but not the least,a famous artwork! Though this formula has proven to be super-hit,it has also made the book somewhat predictable.This book somewhat disappointed me towards it end,as the climax is simply not enough to satisfy the reader’s excitement and the hype.The description of each and every piece of artwork encountered by the characters affects the tempo of the book,rendering it to a museum tour.
     A page turner,no doubt,however Inferno lacks the charm of Brown’s previous bestsellers like Deception Point & The Digital Fortress. Despite its slower narrative,and somewhat disappointing climax,I found the book strangely “un-putdownable”.It definitely deserves a pick and a prized place in your book-shelf.