Stop blaming social networks for your failures

The one about burning down houses



saw many people make new year resolutions that they were going to delete their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts as the said sites were wasting their valuable time. WhatsApp pings were like the Sirens calling out to their inner Odysseus. According to them they could’ve had been more ‘successful’ or ‘productive’ or whatever if they had not wasted their time flicking through duckfaces. Continue reading “Stop blaming social networks for your failures”

Facebook Notes gets updated to bring out the blogger in you

The one which looks like a news report

How many of you know what is Facebook Notes? Chances are majority of you  probably haven’t even seen this feature. Notes is basically a blogging feature built into Facebook. You can write and publish posts on Facebook and tag your friends or import them from your existing LiveJournal or Blogger page. However, it was ugly. It was ugly and bland. It made sense in the days where status updates had character limitations. But when those restrictions were removed, there wasn’t any real reason to publish a Note.

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