Stop blaming social networks for your failures

The one about burning down houses



saw many people make new year resolutions that they were going to delete their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts as the said sites were wasting their valuable time. WhatsApp pings were like the Sirens calling out to their inner Odysseus. According to them they could’ve had been more ‘successful’ or ‘productive’ or whatever if they had not wasted their time flicking through duckfaces. Continue reading “Stop blaming social networks for your failures”

The 5% battery test for a great life

The one with the battery

Our phones are no longer an accessory. They have crept into our lives and replaced music players, calendars, appointment books, gaming consoles and if all goes well, our vehicles. (Okay, the last one may not really happen. But one can always be hopeful.)

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My Adventures With My CASIO F-91W

                The Casio Computer Company, Limited (カシオ計算機株式会社 Kashio Keisanki Kabushiki-gaisha?) is amultinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in ShibuyaTokyoJapan.
 Well, Wikipedia terms aside,this was the company which had the terrific fortune of having me,to develop a childhood crush on one of its finest,sleekest timepieces.

You are being hypnotised by my astounding beauty!

                The year was 2001.I was fearlessly finding my way through the crowd at my uncle’s wedding.I say fearlessly,because it is quite a feat for a 5 year old to navigate through crowds.(I was the 5 year old,not a part of the crowd).After the usual stuff like the wedding,crying,dinner etc was done with, I saw the F-91W on the wrist of one of the guests.And that was the moment,the moment where I decided that this,the F-91W, would be the watch that would accompany me throughout my life. I couldn’t stop gawking at its beauty,its weightlessness and the sense of pride that came with wearing a digital watch.

               I was promised that I would get it on my 10th birthday.However,it had become quite obsolete after the period of 5 years. Newer,and better watches had arrived to take its place.Crestfallen (or probably just sad) ,dejected [include all the synonyms you can remember of] I just left all hope of being able to see it again.

              And then,2 years ago,I spotted it on an online store.Without hesitation,it was ordered right away.I was the happiest guy on the planet,and the nerdiest too according to my friends,as they simply couldn’t distinguish my watch from the cheap Chinese watches which have been steadily,and shamelessly occupying every store.They,however, didn’t know this timepiece had been subjected to suspicion by the Western world.

           It all began when Osama [dust]Bin Laden released one of usual pictures with a beard long enough to double as a muffler.The different thing this time,was he was wearing the F-91W.

Look at me buddy, I am the bad guy!


The damage was done.Countries like the U.S.A believed that this watch was the property of terrorists.If your activities were found to be suspicious,and you had that watch on your wrist,then you could be taken in for questioning.The reason,by the way,for the war-mongers to possess the watch was its simplicity,and the ease in tweaking it into a timer for a bomb.Yeah,like all the spy movies you’ve watched.
After a few years,the poor watch was cleared of all the unjust hatred.And today,it adorns the hands of many proud owners like me. Even today,if you visit Casio’s website,you will find it along with its bigger brothers like G-Shock. After 23 years of its launch,it still occupies the position of a veteran on the website. Today,I don’t feel shy to wear a watch ,which by all means,looks too childish in my hands I’m not ashamed of showing it to others. Even though they may laugh,little do they know,the happiness,the rejoice after being united with a thing you thought was long lost.Ahh…the feeling of the resin straps,the badass in-your-face battery life of 8 years,the test where the word CASIO flashes on its display when you press the right button for 4 secs,#nostalgia :*
Point to be noted: I am in no way,a person endorsed by Casio to brainwash you into buying their products.